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Ambien 5mg (zolpidem) is hypnotic from the group imidazopyridines specific agonist omega-1-receptors of the CNS. Shortens the time to fall asleep, reduces the number of night awakenings, increases sleep duration and improves its quality. Extends phase II of sleep, phases of deep sleep (III and IV), does not affect the duration of REM sleep.

Ambien 5mg is effective and it works fast. It helps people with insomnia fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes. And, it will help you to stay asleep for a full night’s rest. In fact, you should not take Ambien unless you are ready to go to sleep and devote a full night of 7-8 hours to your sleep.

It is established that Ambien has a pronounced hypnotic effect and at the same time maintains a normal phase structure of sleep. The use of Ambien will help a person, who suffers from sleep disorders, to effectively and safely:
-reduce the time of falling asleep;
-increase the duration of sleep;
-get rid of frequent night awakenings.


The main pharmacological peculiarity of Ambien 5mg is the maximum selectivity of action and a fast onset of hypnotic effect. By its pharmacological properties, this soporific drug is close to the hypnotic of the benzodiazepines class. However, the distinguishing feature of Ambien from benzodiazepines is:

short half-life;
absence of muscle relaxant and anxiolytic effects.

Due to the short half-life, which averages 2 hours, Ambien practically does not cause a sense of “heaviness” after the morning awakening, and does not reduce the performance the next day.


From the digestive system: in some cases abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
CNS and peripheral nervous system: depending on dose and individual sensitivity (especially in elderly patients) – dizziness, impaired balance, ataxia, headache, daytime drowsiness, loss of attention, muscular weakness, diplopia, anterograde amnesia, paradoxical or mental reactions; when used in high doses or long-term treatment of possible rebound insomnia.
Allergic reactions: skin rash, itching.
Other: rare – violation of sexual desire, development of addiction, the formation of psychic and physical dependence (when used in a few weeks.


When administered to adults aged up to 65 years a single dose of 10 mg, if necessary, it may increase to 15-20 mg. For patients older than 65 years or with concomitant hepatic insufficiency initial single dose is 5 mg. Buy ambien online and take it just before bedtime. The course of treatment – from several days to 4 weeks.





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