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DOSAGE : 200-300mcg/kg

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Ipamorelin is a penta-peptide hormone (Aib-His-D-2-Nal-D-Phe-Lys-NH2), a growth hormone secretagogue and a small molecule ghrelin mimetic developed by Novo Nordisk. Ipamorelin belongs to the most recent generation of GHRPs and causes significant release of growth hormone. Similar to GHRP-6 and GHRP-2, it suppresses somatostatin and increases the stimulation and release of Growth Hormone (GH) from the anterior pituitary. Currently, there are few clinical trials involving Ipamorelin, which were first being studied in the 90s. Somatotropes are the cells that are responsible for producing and releaseing GH.

Ipamorelin is a 3rd generation GHRP behind GHRP-6 and GHRP-2. has very similar characteristics of GHRP-2: does not have ghrelin’s lipogenic properties and does not promote hunger. Ipamorelin acts synergistically when applied during a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) pulse or when it is administered along with a GHRH or an analog such as Sermorelin or Modified GRF 1-29 (growth releasing factor, aminos 1-29). The synergy comes both due to the suppression of somatostatin and the fact that ipamorelin increases GH release per-somatotrope, while GHRH increases the number of somatotropes releasing GH. On the other hand, Ipamorelin is similar to GHRP-6 because they both release GH at a very similar strength minus the side effects that of GHRP-6. Both GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 cause a release and an increase in cortisol and prolactin levels, however Ipamorelin only selectively releases GH at any dose. Ipamorelin shares similar functionality to Hexarelin and compared to other peptides, it is a much more stable form of ghrelin and has longer half-life periods of at least two hours long and causes secondary effect by making neurons to become excited.

The main usually desired effect is the artificial up-regulation of the body’s protein biosynthesis, which greatly accelerates the growth of muscle mass. Body weight can increase the intake of peptides, what’s the one on the gain Muscle mass is due, on the other hand by the sometimes significant water retention in the body. The weight-enhancing effect of these drugs is partly compensated by loss of fatty substance. All peptides is common that their mechanism of action leads to a positive nitrogen balance in the body, which affects also cheap on a gain in muscle mass.


Even if you want to achieve a more pronounced effect, you should not increase the dosage. During the course it is recommended to visit a doctor regularly to indicate side effects timely. Although the side effects does not appear if adhering the instruction strictly.

The athletes are experiencing side effects from the drug very occasionally and side effects do not relate to the stimulation of growth hormone. However if recommended daily dosage is extended significantly the following side effects are possible:

  • oedema (water retention of the body)
  • drowsiness after injection
  • slight headaches


The average Ipamorelin dosing is 200 to 300 mcg 2 to 3 times on every day. 12 weeks cycles are very normal.





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