CATEGORY : Oral steroid

MAKE BY : Elite-pharma

PACKAGE : 10mg/tab x 100 tabs

DOSAGE : 10-30mg/day





Anabolic substances derived from Testosterone actually becomes a new steroid-using trend in bodybuilding community due to their maintained strong anabolic trait of Testosterone and other beyond advantages over the original. METHANDIENONE 10mg  is a typical product presenting for this.

As one of the most trustworthy and famous steroid manufacturer, Elite Pharma has launched METHANDIENONE to the anabolics market under oral form with an excellent quality that has been widely supported by professional users around the world. Carrying the massive impacts on muscles growth, METHANDIENONE also performs less androgenicity in a fast acting that has been bringing a complete satisfaction to all its loyal consumers.

Having forementioned, Methandienone is derived from the primary male androgen Testosterone with a structural alteration of adding double bonds at the carbon one and two position. This seeming-small changes significantly the hormone’s androgenic nature, giving an androgenic rating marked at 40-60, showing a much lower binding inclination to androgen receptors compared to Testosterone. More notably, it also shared the same relationship with serum binding protein that renders a wonderful opportunity for more powerful performance of anabolic nature. If there’s any doubt, this is one extremely powerful anabolic steroid carrying a potent anabolic nature. Basically, Methandienone hugely increases protein synthesis that will promote a substantial amount of nitrogen restored in the muscle tissues, hence gradually enhances their primary development in size and strength. Moreover, it helps to prevent catabolic or muscle wasting state due to the protein deficiency. Paralell with such muscle transformation, Methandienone levels up the red blood cell count, which improves the oxigen-carrying of the body. Therefore, the users possesses an amazing stamina and fast regeneration, which helps them lengthen the time physical training, especially important to sportsmen like athletes. Then we’re left with glycogenolysis, which refers to the relationship and conversion between glycogen and glucose. Through enhanced glycogenolysis, we are able to make better use of our total carbohydrate consumption. This also significantly contributes in fat burning progress that more and more stimulates the really tight, bold and contracted muscles performance.


Regardless of how impressive your physique could look after a Dianabol cycle, Methandienone side effects should be enough to at least give you second thought.

Some of the most common include:

Water retention
Oily skin, acne
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Unwanted hair growth
Liver damage


For physique or performance-enhancing purposes, the drug is also used intermittently, with cycles usually lasting between 6 and 8 weeks in length followed by 6-8 weeks off. Although a low dose of 5 mg daily may be effective for improving performance, athletes typically take much higher amounts. A daily dosage of 15-30 mg is most common, and typically produces very dramatic results.





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